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President of PERFORMANCE PLANTS in Canada visits Tianjin Tianlong Company

    On April 11, 2018, Dr. Huang Yafan, President and Chief Scientist of PERFORMANCE PLANTS in Canada, and Dr. Wan Jiangxin, Director of R&D Department visited Tianjin Tianlong Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

   Mr. BAO Wanjun, Chairman of Tianlong Company, and Ms. SUI Liying, General Manager of International Business Department, Dr. Huang and Dr. Wan jointly visited Tianlong Exhibition Hall and the experimental base in Tianjin.  

    Performance Plants is one of the world's leading agricultural biotechnology development companies dedicated to improving the yield and quality of crops under adverse conditions and solving the world's food and energy crisis. 
    After careful consultations between the two parties, the two parties set the objectives and phases for the development of cooperation. Both parties intend to cooperate together in order to make a contribution to improve the world food security, yield and quality, with the world-leading advantages of Tianlong company in the field of Crop R&D and the high-tech senior research experiences of PERFORMANCE Plants in the research of plant molecular breeding.