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The New era The new “Rice” road, The opening of the 2nd China (Sanya) Internatio

   On 17th April, the Second China (Sanya) International Rice Forum was officially held in Sanya. More than 600 experts, scholars, and business representatives from 12 countries including China, the United States, India, Iran, Japan, and Vietnam gathered in Sanya, to discuss the research and development of rice breeding and jointly promote the rice application technology and to share the achievements of rice development. 

    This forum is based on the principle that “Southern propagation is the source of the world, and Chinese rice is the world's food”, which is with the theme of "a new era, the new 'rice road'" and the "Belt and Road" International Rice Cooperation Forum.
The 8 academicians, the mayors and the business representatives attended the opening ceremony, including Yuan Longping, Liu Xu, Xie Hua'an, Chen Wenfu, Luo Xiwen, Zhu Youyong, Song Bao'an, Zhang Hongcheng, and Vice Mayor of Sanya City Xu Zhenling, Vice Mayor of Harbin City Zhaoge, Chairman of American Rice Technology Company, Prince of Liechtenstein, etc.

    Bao wanjun, Chairman of Tianjin Tianlong Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and Hua Zetian, Director of the National Japonica Rice Research Center, also participated in the conference.

    Nowadays, more and more countries are beginning to widely promote Chinese hybrid rice as a way of solving the food problems of the natives. Rice has become an important link to maintain the fate of China and the world.

    The convening of this forum will better implement the “Belt and Road” initiative and strengthen the deep cooperation between countries along the Belt and Road in the rice field.