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The Director of CNJRRC attend the IPBC Congress

      From November 1-5, 2015, the technical director of Tianjin Tianlong Agricultural Science and Technology Co.,Ltd and the director of CNJRRC Prof.Hua and Prof.Li went to Antalya, Turkey to attend the 2nd International Plant Breeding Congress (IPBC) which organized by plant breeder Sub-Union of Turkey(BISAB) together with other national and international institutions. 

      During the congress, Prof. Hua made a report about the “China Hybrid Japonica Rice Breeding Progress”, and the reports mainly focus on the development of hybrids japonica in China, the bottleneck and countermeasures of japonica hybrid rice breeding and the future prospects to describe the history and challenge of Chinese hybrid japonica rice which has been recognized by the experts at home and abroad. This academic exchange laid a foundation for our hybrid japonica rice to step into the world, also will effectively boost the rapid development of global japonica rice.