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Leaders of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce visited Tianlong Offering Work G

On the afternoon of July 8, 2019, Ms. Lu Zhou, Deputy Director of the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Jun Sun, Director of the Port Service Department, Weifeng Zhang, Deputy Director of the Office of Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation, and Jian Gao, Director of the Office of Foreign Economic Cooperation, came to Tianjin Tianlong Agricultural S&T Co., Ltd. Chunlian Yang, secretary of Tianlong Agricultural Party Branch, Fang Yao, deputy general manager of Tianlong Agriculture, Liying Cui, general manager of International Business Department, and Jian Zhang, general manager of Tianfeng Zetian, had a cordial conversation and in-depth discussion.

The general manager of the International Business Department, Liying Cui, gave a brief report of Tianlong company to the leaders of the Business Bureau on the current achievements, the future development direction and the difficulties currently faced. Lu Zhou, deputy director of the Bureau of Commerce, said that the purpose of this time’s visit is to understand the basic situation of Tianlong company current development and provide necessary assistance to solve difficulties encountered. Deputy Director Zhang Weifeng said that after the meeting, he would ask Mr. Cheng Yu, Section, Chief of the foreign economics department, to contact with Liying Cui. Related subsidy policy will be transmitted to Tianlong company by Mr Yu.