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The international exchange conferance of China National Seed Association in 2012

  In July 10, 2012, The international exchange conferance  of China National Seed Association in 2012 was held in Chengdu.  Mr Yangjun, vice chairmen of CNSA, made a speech.  The chairmen of the Sichuan Seed Association and the Deputy Secretary-General of CNSA attended the conference.
  The conference informed the information of the World Seed Conference in Brazil.  After the research of hybrid rice export price trends in 2012, all the company representative signed the 《Convention book of the export price of hybrid rice seeds in 2012》。  The meeting considered the 《comments and suggestions on the hybrid rice seed export and carry out the outside of Hybrid Rice Seed Production policy》,discussed to participate in the 2012 Asia-Pacific seed Annual Meeting and to build a hybrid rice seed platform for international trade.